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32 is my number. Hmmm. I just turned 32 in april'16 and I'm proud of my age; a single mum of 2 lovely boys. I have walked out of the sadness of marriage in my life. I work hard every day. Seeing my kids grow and achieve every one of their milestones as I build my own home is the greatest part of my life. I choose my way in life, I love myself and l learn to stay happy. To me, never give up and age is just a figure and it will not bring you down.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @rina_lim_hw, 32

Diah Mastura, I am 9 because I have been a mummy to my three beautiful daughters for 9 years. I will keep aging with pride as we go along because motherhood is a process that I truly enjoy with my kids.

Your age does not define who you are. Your life story does.

Celebrate beauty because of how much you have accomplished in life.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg Diah Mastura, 9

I am 3 because the number is special to me. 3 represents Tree Potatoes, the channel and company that my mates and I built over the last 3 years. Most people think that it's not possible for a young, 28 year old woman to own a successful company; but to me, it's not age, and certainly not gender, that define your achievements, your determination and confidence do.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg Janice Chiang, 3

I live by the number 9. In Chinese it is "jiu" (九) and it is an auspicious number as many people relate the number to "eternity". However, to me, it means "sustainability". I used to put in long hours of work, neglecting my children. Hence I decided to stop working to spend more time with the children. To ensure our quality of life is sustainable, I prioritized our expenditures, not forgetting the once in a blue moon indulgences for the family. It had been three years since I left the workforce and I uphold my number 9 since then. The family finance is always in surplus and never in deficit thus leading to sustainability in the long run. I am proud of myself, as the CFO of the family.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @sandoranooshikko, 9

My number is 3 because when I hit 30, my life changed and I decided to open a yoga school. It's been 3 years since I opened my yoga school and what a real eye opener running a business has been! Initially, there were many times I fell, but since then I've experienced many achievements and successes. At this point in my life, I'd say my biggest accomplishment is the ability to keep getting up with positivity no matter how many times I've fallen, and this ability makes me feel strong and empowered. I'm 33 this year, and as I grow older, my perspective on life has changed and problems are no longer an issue but life lessons. It's really important to keep getting up because life is beautiful, and tough times don't last. The sky's the limit and many more wonderful opportunities await me.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg Jessica R.Sinclair, 3

3 is always my favorite number as it marks the next phase of my life. I got a house, career progression, a bosom partner and establish stability financially and independence. More importantly, I'm even more driven when I hear people commenting I look in my early 30s though I'm already 40s! Age is no barrier towards your goals.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @mxzpk, 3

14 is my favourite number because it's my 14th wedding anniversary this year. How time flies. Marriage isn't easy and I've worked hard for it. I feel blessed to have my precious kids in my life and a responsible hubby who is always doing his best for me & our kids.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @neelly04, 14

I am 45 because that's the number of months I've lived overseas, outside my comfort zone, developing myself :)

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @bamboo_zhuo, 45

My number is 2. What an incredible 2 years it has been for me, since winning Miss Universe Sg '14 at age 24. Travelling solo, modelling, hosting, entrepreneurship and many opportunities to rediscover myself in ways I never thought I would. I have been spurred by negativity following my win- I still remember when they said I was not good enough. I almost gave up, but am so glad that I didn't. Never let others decide what you want to do with your life. There may be some things you have always wanted to do - a competition, hobby, job, school, travel, love. Whatever it is, go for it. Take a chance on yourself. You will never know. I'm glad that i did, have you? So..... Skydiving anyone ??

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @rathi-menon, 2

8 - The number of years that I have been a mum to my 2 lovely kiddos. I'm in my mid 30s and age is just a number. The past 8 years had been more than a rollercoaster ride, experiencing motherhood from pregnancy to child raising. They taught me things that I never knew and reset my priorities in life.

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @xuelyn, 8

4 - to represent my next age, being 40 and my 4 precious kids. Last decade, I got married, become a mum and being blessed 4 times!

#loveyouragesg #genifiquesg @preciouz, 4

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Lancôme Advanced Génifique gift set worth over S$300 to be awarded to 5 winners over the contest period.

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