• Find Your Light
    Advanced Génifique

    The secret of Asia’s most beautiful women for youthfully radiant skin: Apply Advanced Génifique as part of your morning skincare routine and Advanced Génifique Sensitive at night.

The Most Beautiful Light
Comes From WithinHear from our local muses

  • “If you can take care of your body... why not take care of your mind and your heart?”

    Rosalyn Lee, 39 Adventurer

    For Rozz, self-awareness is the key to a more fulfilling life. She believes that taking care of our own mental health should be as natural as going to the gym or eating healthily.

    Her globetrotting adventures aren’t just about ticking items off her bucket list. Travelling solo gives her time to connect with nature, immerse herself in new cultures and give her vital space to think, reflect and grow. Rozz knows that her inner light shines brightest when she is completely aware of her own needs and feelings.

  • “It’s important to me that things
    should feel good.”

    Anita Kapoor, 47 TV Show Host, Writer and Speaker

    Anita Anita lives her life by a simple mantra: always check in with yourself. She makes sure that every decision in life is made without regrets by asking herself “How does this feel to you?” or “Is this what you really want?”

    She insists that she’s no expert when it comes to self-discovery and being in touch with her feelings, but we know this isn’t true. There’s a reason Anita connects with everyone she meets and always shines, no matter what life throws at her: she is a master of her inner light.

May You Light Up
From WithinHear from our international muses

“The light I’ve been looking for
comes from within.”

suzy, 25Actress

“When I leave the spotlight,
I try to find my own light.”

Erika Toda, 30Actress

“My inner light has always guided me.”

Zhou Dong Yu, 26Actress

“It makes my skin glow,
no matter how time goes by.”

Yuan Quan, 40Actress

The Secret To Younger,
Glowing Asian Skin Using Advanced Génifique in the morning and
Advanced Génifique Sensitive at night is the perfect remedy for bad skin days

clinically proven toincrease barrier reinforcement by 18%And help protect your skin against:

  • Temperature And Humidity Changes

    And Humidity

  • Harmful UV Rays

    UV Rays

  • Allergens and Pollution

    Allergens and

Your Routine For
Glowing Skin Think of your routine as an opportunity to take care of your skin, preparing for the day ahead
or helping it to repair and regenerate overnight.

  • complimentary 7-day trial kit

ReviewsWhat others are saying about Advanced Génifique

  • 5 stars

    “I started using Génifique about a year ago and I’ve never stopped since! Back then my skin became dull and tired due to a busier lifestyle, however just after a week of using Génifique my skin was radiant and glowy - my colleagues could all tell! I love that it’s so light and it is absorbed into the skin so quickly and easily. Definitely a product I cannot live without and can always rely on.”— Valerie Lim

  • 5 stars

    “Génifique is definitely a must-have product for me! I’ve been getting compliments on my complexion ever since I started to incorporate Génifique into my skincare regime half a year ago. It’s actually helped in minimizing my pores, and my skin doesn’t feel tight any more. Love the results and honestly my skin has never looked better.
    Thank you Génifique!”— Felicia Ng

  • 5 stars

    “Purchased this after having heard great reviews from a friend and I love it! Definitely lived up to its hype and I’m already starting to see improvements in my skin after a week. A bit on the pricey side, but totally worth it!”— Sheryl

  • 5 stars

    “I use Génifique on a daily basis, and I’ve seen how much my skin has improved since the first month of using it – previously dry and dull, now my skin not only looks healthy, but brighter as well.”— Eugena Bey

  • 5 stars

    “I love how my skin feels instantly refreshed just within minutes of absorption! And mind you, Génifique serum makes my skin glow even when I’m not sleeping well or when I’m without makeup. I know I can always look my best when I use Génifique serum!”— Madeline Toh

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