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Advanced Génifique

Meet the women
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“To win in life, you have to do something you love”

YIP PIN XIU, 26 Paralympic swimmer

If you think your dreams are out of reach, Pin Xiu has some great advice.

When she first swam at the age of six, Pin Xiu discovered a world where she wasn’t so different to everyone else. Her inner light was sparked by the freedom she found in the water. Now, she has more Paralympic medals than any other Singaporean.

Whether she wins or not, Pin Xiu knows that doing something she loves is what keeps her happy. Her advice to women who want to achieve their dreams is simple “Do small things that make you happy every day. Then one day, you will have the courage to pursue your dreams.”

“When I leave the spotlight,
I try to find my own light.”ERIKA TODA, 30Actress

“If you can take care of your body....
why not take care of your mind and your heart?”

ROSALYN LEE, 39 Adventure

Find out why Rozz loves travelling solo and exploring new cultures.

For Rozz, self-awareness is the key to a more fulfilling life. She believes that taking care of our own mental health should be as natural as going to the gym or eating healthily.

Her globetrotting adventures aren’t just about ticking items off her bucket list. Travelling solo gives her time to connect with nature, immerse herself in new cultures and give her vital space to think, reflect and grow. Rozz knows that her inner light shines brightest when she is completely aware of her own needs and feelings.

“The light I’ve been looking
for comes from within.”SUZY, 25Actress

“It’s important to me that things should feel good.”

ANITA KAPOOR, 47 Tv show host,
writer and speaker

Discover Anita’s secret for a happy life with no regrets.

Anita lives her life by a simple mantra: always check in with yourself. She makes sure that every decision in life is made without regrets by asking herself “How does this feel to you?” or “Is this what you really want?”

She insists that she’s no expert when it comes to self-discovery and being in touch with her feelings, but we know this isn’t true. There’s a reason Anita connects with everyone she meets and always shines, no matter what life throws at her: she is a master of her inner light.

“My inner light has
always guided me.”Zhou Dong Yu, 26Actress

“It makes my skin glow,
no matter how time goes by.”Yuan Quan, 40Actress

Advanced Génifique

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Customer Reviews

  • Liann
  • Youth Activating Serum

    It's non oily and light, which is good for my skin type. Love the gentle subtle fragrance and the smoothness it brings to my face. Even if I don't look younger, I feel younger after applying this serum. Can follow on with your fave moisturiser.

  • Catherine
  • Awesome!

    Very good product. Skin condition has improved and looks healthier after using it. I even bought a few bottles at the retail store.

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