UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover

Combat Correct Cover SPF50 PA++++

There are 4 causes of skin hyperpigmentation: UVA, UVB, Dust Pollution and Blue Light coming from... Show more

There are 4 causes of skin hyperpigmentation: UVA, UVB, Dust Pollution and Blue Light coming from artificial devices such as smartphone, computers, LED lights and the list goes on. Your skin is put to the test day after day. In order to stay fresh and luminous, it must be protected from the combined harmful effects of these external aggressors.

The 1st in the market, Lancôme UV Expert CCCover protects you from all 4 causes of skin hyperpigmentation including blue light.

What’s more, UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover is tinted, providing a high coverage foundation-like look.

After application, the invisible protective veil from the UV Expert CCCover shields the skin from damage, correct imperfections and prevents skin dehydration. It also covers and conceals an uneven complexion.

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    Anti UVB, UVA and Long UVB
    UV Expert has an XL-Shield technology which effectively fights against UVB, UVA and even long UVA.

    Anti Blue Light Technology
    UV Expert contains a unique selection of pigments, building up a strong shield to capture blue light from penetrating into the skin.

    Anti Pollution
    Known for its traditional medical history, Moringa is plant which orignated from India with anti pollution properties.

    Soothing and Hydrating
    The product contains delicate rose flower extract which releases the skin from a stressful urban environment. It also contains soy germs which moisturizes the skin.



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