Blanc Expert Melanolyser[AI]

Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser

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Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser

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Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser

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    Discover the next generation dark spot correctors from the No.1¹ whitening brand in Asia. At the side of the global action of the Essence-in-Lotion, the precise action of Blanc Expert Melanolyser[AI] Spot Eraser allows to target spots, whichever their nature.
    L’Oréal Lancôme calculation is based in part on data reported by Beauté Research SARL in March 2014 through its “Asia 5 markets Consolidation – Selective Distribution Full Year 2013 report” in the Department Stores Prestige market. (Copyright © 2014 Beauté Research SARL)

    Lancôme pushes the boundary of whitening efficacy further and for the first time, targets both flat and volume of textured spots.

    Efficacy on flat spots

    • Number of dark spots looks reduced*
    • 50% reduction in the size of the dark spot
    • Colour of the dark spot was reduced by 33%*

    Efficacy on textured spots

    • Relief of textured spots is reduced by 10%*
    • After 8 weeks, 86% of women declared textured spot look reduced and 92% that
    • Skin surface look “repolished”



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