Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask

Youth Activating Mask

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Pack contains 7 masks (24ml each).

A new type of sheet mask, the Hydrogel Melting Mask delivers... Show more

Pack contains 7 masks (24ml each).

A new type of sheet mask, the Hydrogel Melting Mask delivers results which are instantly visible on the skin. At its core, the Hydrogel Melting Mask contains the star ingredients of Advanced Génifique serum: probiotic extracts. Probiotics activate the skin's beauty and help strengthen its barrier function by giving it access to all the vital resources it needs. Of these probiotic extracts, the Hydrogel Melting Mask is most concentrated in Bifidus. It not only helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function by improving its quality and resistance to external stress, it also helps provide the skin with intense hydration.

The Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask features a special, heat-sensitive hydrogel mesh, which melts into a fluid at skin temperature and therefore releases its active ingredients on contact with the skin. Upon application, the mask half-melts into the skin with a soft, pleasant texture that glides across the face. The mask leaves skin moisturised with a supple, radiant finish. Skin is neither greasy nor sticky.

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    Optimise skin before makeup application

    • 89% reported smoother skin
    • 87% reported fresher-feeling skin 

    Restore radiance

    • 81% of women surveyed reported more radiant skin 
    • 72% reported fewer blemishes
    • 83% reported re-energised skin

    Catch up on beauty sleep

    • 96% of women surveyed reported more rested-looking skin 
    • 93% reported skin that glowed with health
    • 87% reported younger-looking skin


    *Self-evaluation on 54 women.

  • HOW TO

    1. Unfold the mask;
    2. Remove the transparent film and place it over your clean face with the gel side facing down;
    3. Remove the white protective layer from the front of the mask and leave the mask on for ten, twenty, or thirty minutes depending on the type of application you want;
    4. Remove the mask and gently massage your skin to help the remaining serum soak in.



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